Say it's a Thursday evening and your bored and want to play a quick game of pick up ball. However your usual crew all have plans, you visit the Who's in page and post Where you want to play and what time then you wait for others who are bored like you to confirm their attendance and you meet up, get some exercise in but most importantly meet new people.

Each event form will have the name of the host, time and date of the event, location, contact info, price(if applicable), what parking for the area details and the min/max attendees allowed. There will also be a rating for the host, based on previous attendees and their experience. It will help the user decide if meeting the host will be a good idea.

The event form will also have the number of attendees planned to attend.

The homepage will have a filter feature to help users decide what event to attend.

Who's In is the perfect site to connect with other last-minute planners and have a great time!

Challenges We Faced

Setting up a full-on rails-api and react-redux app in 12 hours with authentication.

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