My grandkids where asking Alexa to play songs for them and it occured to me that they would enjoy hearing Alexa speak their name. So I created Who did it?

What it does

With children in the room (and preferably after something unexpected happens) the parent asks Alexa Who did it? Alexa will respond with a child's name. The child can deny it and Alexa will pick another name. Typically all children deny it was them and finally Alexa will say the parent did it. Kids get a kick out of Alexa saying "Then Mommy did it!"

How I built it

I used Python and DynamoDB. There are modules to add and delete names in the database and an extensive help module. No need for an external website to set up the list of names.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was explaining how to set up and maintain the list of names. Most of the coding went into supporting the set up and maintenance of the name list. Also supporting setup commands and run time commands intertwined was tricky.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Children and adults can use many different responses when disagreeing or agreeing with Alexa's choice. The skill accepts No, No way, I don't believe it, Not me, He didn't do it, Johnny's not home and many other responses.

What I learned

Varying the text output so it isn't repetitive adds to the quality of the skill. Extracting the text of the replys made extending the list of replys so much easier.

What's next for Who did it

I want to build, probably through another skill, the ability to support more than just the one question.

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