Who Am I messenger bot is created to facilitate the mental health services, the motivation behind is my mental health teacher experience. Due to the lack of time, I only focus on sex education in this hackathon. This website shares a great teaching tool to help people understand and tackle this 'tough' subject. A chatbot that provides resources and support in an interactive way can help eliminate the blocks and benefit more people.

What it does

Who Am I messenger bot will:

  1. break the concept into small pieces by providing survey and explainer
  2. connect the user with a professional counselor

How I built it

• built by Messenger API, leveraging three main features

  1. One-Time-Notification: when user wants to talk to a counselor, bot will notify them when there is counselor available
  2. Handover Protocol: when a counselor is available, pass control to another app and when the conversion is over, pass control back to bot
  3. Quick Replies: mainly used to generate answers to the survey

• built the backend with node.js and JavaScript

• deployed the server on Heroku

Challenges I ran into

• I only have 2 days so I do not have time to pass the app review process

• phrasing the interaction to make users feel being supported

• this bot cannot work without professional counselors

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

let messenger bot to convey the teaching material to people

What I learned

make the good use of tech and we can make a difference

What's next for Who Am I

• add more useful resources

• handle user privacy

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