We had noticed that students at our university don't use the discussion boards (for the modules) much. One of the reasons being that it is not very convenient to use, the link to those discussion boards tends to get lost and therefore, students at times find it difficult to access them. They have to click on several links until they ultimately get to the forum. Additionally, the forum doesn't work very well on mobile phones. All these factors make the forum a difficult platform for students to use and this in turn affects their learning. So we decided to make a forum which is accessible to students and convenient for them to use anytime and anywhere with additional features which aids in students in their learning.

What it does

The application has the following features:

  • Discussion forum as per modules
  • Chat feature for the students (exclusive for lecturers)
  • Interactive UI
  • A dashboard to display recent activities
  • Dark mode feature

How we built it

IDEs used: Android Studio and IntelliJ Idea Languages: Java, Kotlin and XML Other applications/plugins: CodeWithMe and Github

Challenges we ran into

Most of us do not have experience in using Android Studio. We were not familiar with Kotlin and XML much so its was pretty much trying a new thing.

  • We were learning Flutter and Dart at the beginning then we decided to switch to Java and use Android Studio.
  • The major challenge we faced was setting up Android Studio and IntelliJ. The CodeWithMe plugin that we had planned to use was not working properly for the team members so we spent about 4 hrs and so we switched to Github

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our first hackathon submission!

What we learned

  • First time using Android Studio and code with XML and Kotlin.

What's next for Whizzo

  • Complete a full working version.
  • Add desired features.
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