I recently participated in a hackathon, and my team came third place in the Finance Category. After the competition, we were asked to explain our next steps - budget and POC (proof of concept). This was quite challenging as we had different views. During the competition, things were quite easy because we had a roadmap inform of a Miro Board. This helped us stay on track and it provided a clear direction for our next steps.
With this in mind, I thought it would be great to have a board for new startup founders/teams to collaborate and have a clear roadmap of what to do and the path to take.

What it does

Helps teams collaborate remotely on their startup ideas - from user personas to the business model canvas.

How I built it

Using Whiteboards for Confluence

What I learned

I learned how to create Whiteboards. At first, it was quite intimidating as I was not sure of where to start from but I broke the idea down by sketching how the board should look, and then I designed my template using the Whiteboards app on Confluence.

Built With

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