Inspiration is a an amazing tool with a well thought structure focused around timeline, topics, and the team. I wanted to add a bit of chaos into the mix. Physical whiteboard is a synonym of unlimited creativity, and I want to achieve the same with a virtual whiteboard, so that a team can collaborate in real time, or asynchronously.

What it does

The idea is to enable users to organise their work items the way how they want, and collaborate on it in the most suitable way from their perspective. At the same time we want keep the data in Monday in sync, so they can come back to traditional views whenever they want.

Software development teams are able to plan their work, and visually monitor the progress on a custom made board with drawings, animated gifs, GitHub issues, and Monday items.

Whiteboards can help you with:

  • Sprint planning, PI planning, running your daily standup meetings
  • Brainstorming sessions, mind mapping, user story mapping, threat modelling
  • Design sparring, collaboration on mockups, and diagrams ... and other types of collaboration you would normally do on a whiteboard

Key features:

  • items: creating, editing, assigning, managing timelines, linking them visually
  • GitHub integration: add GH issues, pull requests to your whiteboard
  • Creative content: shapes, free hand draw, animated gifs, lines, curves, videos, content embedded via iframes
  • Video conferencing
  • Voting ... and everything else you would expect from a virtual whiteboard

How I built it

I'm using React, Firebase, and Twilio. The application is powered by engine, and it had to be adjusted to platform.

Challenges I ran into

I was anxious whether I will be able to embed existing code into a new platform. It turned out to be easy thanks to well thought APIs, and having a platform agnostic codebase.

Discovering, and understanding was the main challenge. Community was the source of knowledge about users, and their needs.

What I learned

  • concepts
  • New app platform

What's next for Whiteboards for

  • Deeper understanding of specific user needs, add more depth to the app.
  • Align design style of Whiteboards with, so that it feels more native
  • Add more integrations: Jira, GitLab, Azure Devops

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