The idea is to solve some of the challenges during virtual team/program planning, revisit and keep updating the status in following meetings and activities during the full agile delivery cycle.

It brings the team members together and encourages them to collaborate and get them engaged throughout the planning, execution, and agile delivery process.

I used Whiteboards apps and played around with it's easy-to-use rich toolsets and features.

There is no multiple selections feature on the Whiteboards app, so I had to do some redundant work throughout creating the templates.

I was able to design templates for any team planning, program planning, and risk planning. These are the most critical steps and ongoing activities for any product development from start to finish.

It's much easier and hands-on than I thought.

Links to download the template. Team Planning/Sprint Planning: Program board for agile teams/ several teams: _Risk board:_

Built With

  • whiteboards
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