Ever sketch out a great website on paper and then have trouble getting your layouts just right in code?

We have. We set out to change that with the development of whiteboard.js, a revolutionary new app that allows you to go from a simple sketched out layout on a whiteboard or paper to a dynamic, fully-featured website with features such as multiple pages support, hyperlinking between pages, and more.

whiteboard.js utilizes an Android application to capture the images of your sketched out website. From there, it uploads those images to a server, where we perform complex OpenCV transforms on it to identify important layout aspects of the image. After identifying the different layout features of the website, we convert that to a website to provide the user in the end with a fully dynamic, customizable website matching their initial sketches exactly. The OpenCV works by analyzing every color and symbol in the drawing and converting this information to JSON, which is then processed by Python and is made into HTML.

P.S. The website it generates is filled with cat pictures and buzzwords for placeholders, because the internet can never have enough of those, can it? :)

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