One of my main inspirations for the whiteboard had been the fact that in my own classes, I have seen teachers try to use share-screen and try using that as a whiteboard of sorts. It was very clunky and very often bugged out. I wanted to seek out to create something of sorts like that to help the teachers and the students.

What it does

The goal of the virtual whiteboard is to allow teachers to visually show students examples and help advance them in their classwork/classroom. The virtual whiteboard allows teachers to easily connect to rooms with students and carry out their academic tasks. There are many features like font adjustment for marker color and size, chat rooms, downloading of the whiteboard, any many more. It comes with moderation tools allowing teachers to lock rooms to prevent others from joining and locking the chat. They can also kick out students out of the room if any unwanted guests join.

How we built it

We built this using websockets that allow the clients to communicate with the server. These websocket connections and requests tell the client what to do and what to draw. This is the basic foundation of the project and for the features of the client. We started the process by planning and predicting what we may run into and try to account for any mishaps along the way. We drew many of our website designs and concepts down to better visualize what we need to do/not do. Our group often met in groups and we discussed and researched most of the time. We often discussed solutions with each other and came up with ideas on how to fix many of our roadblocks.

Challenges we ran into

I believe the hardest challenges that we ran into was that our group first time went into websockets and are essentially new to HTML and CSS. It was hard to get that correct and required a large amount of time of tuning which was not expected. That took up a majority of the time and would delay us in our schedule to get everything complete.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a basic HTML CSS website as I thought that was something very hard before this. With my experience, I am proud that me and my team built a nice looking UI that is easily usable by anyone. On top of this, the websocket experience that I got was the first time I had stepped into the field. I think I am very proud as well for how smooth the overall experience is.

What we learned

Overall, I believe that we had learned basic HTML and CSS skills along with websocket communication between client and servers. I feel like we also had to learn a bit of time management as we had pushed really far leading into the deadline. Overall it was a fun experience and a great learning experience for something that we haven't build or touched before.

What's next for Whiteboard

Improve some cybersecurity concerns as I believe that there may be many different security issues with the program currently that I would like to patch out. On top of that, I feel like the code can be improved on much further and could lead to a better and faster user experience.

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