Twitch Plays Pokemon?

We were inspired by the game Twitch Plays Pokemon to use twitch or stream live input data to create a game that multiple users can play at once.

How it works?

We will be using a website to take in inputs of what people want to see. The website will then send the input to the node.js server set up where the arduino will read in the incoming byte and control the whiteboard to draw that selected item.

Challenges we ran into

First of all, the hardware was difficult to work out in that we had to figure out the different angles and the different speeds the different servos, and to come to the realization that fine details were yet impossible. Another issue was configuring the Edison to work as an Arduino, because the number of PWMs were different and eventually we were unable to resolve the differences.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managing to draw a straight line with the servos at the angles they were placed at was quite the accomplishment in itself. However, most of all, we were able to continuously work past the challenges that we fell upon and adjusted our final project to something that worked in the end.

What's next for WhiteBoard Coding

We aim to continue with this and fine tune the servos/our robotic arm, and hopefully complete what was our original end goal: to allow users to play hangman through twitch or a live website.

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