Ever coded on a whiteboard for an interview? Ever wish you could just compile it to make sure you didn't mess up? Us too. With whiteboard++, we wire together a ton of clunky technology and make it possible for you to do this by taking a picture.

How it works

You, supreme coder (of c++), take a picture of your code on the whiteboard. Our text recognition model analyzes your code and outputs some text in the app, which will inevitably be inaccurate. You make changes to the code as you like and hit compile. Holy cow - a c++ compiler in your phone?

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Text recognition and app (mostly) worked.

What's next for Whiteboard++

Support for more languages, of course. It is also very partial to Jack's handwriting (because we trained the entire library on his handwriting data), and we'd like to add functionality for everyone to enjoy (without ~9000 trials)

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