This game was created to demonstrate how the immune system deals with viruses on a daily basis and educate on way to defeat many known illnesses.

What it does

White Knights uses a tower defense system with waves of deadly viruses invading. To succeed, the player must construct a strong defense system and manage energy costs for upgrading and boosting.

How I built it

Built using Unity's WebGL compiler and uploaded to OpenShift's scalable pod system.

Challenges I ran into

Research medical and health information to create something educational without being too scholarly. The result is a nice balance of immune system simulation and health data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Displaying educational information using a game format. We have created a fun and intuitive way to learn about various ways to keep a strong immune system.

What I learned

Viruses are no joke and our immune system has its hands full daily to keep our bodies healthy.

What's next for White Knights

*We will continue to update the game with: *More maps and viruses *Improved graphics for defense towers *Links to medical sites to continue education in areas of interest. *Multi-language support (Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian)

Built With

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posted an update

We updated the UI and music for the game and also added more in-depth cut scenes that describe scenarios in which a patient can be infected with viruses. This gives a better connection to the gameplay and adds a much needed human side.

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