Whist is a collaborative exercise competition app inspired by Snapchat, where you create exercise groups and work out together to keep up the group streak! Stay fit and motivated at home and have fun with your friends through interactive workout routines, where others select the exercises for you!

The app was built with React Native and designed with Figma.

Workout Streaks

  • Once you complete a workout, you relate that workout with a connection.
  • Your connection must also relate a workout with you to keep the streak going.

Group Streaks

  • In addition to peer-to-peer streaks, we also added group streaks
  • Higher motivation as if one of the group members fail, the whole streak is lost
  • We hope to implement a leaderboard in the future of groups

Inspiration: In the midst of a lockdown, less and less people were getting the exercise they needed. We wanted to make it more motivating to get active, and so we build Whist, an app that allows users to connect with others and share workout logs in order to maintain streaks.

We were intrigued by an existing app, Snapchat, and how maintaining streaks could be addicting. We decided to use this concept in order to keep people motivated to continue working out, as they would feel guilty for breaking a workout streak, especially if their entire group relies on them to keep it up.

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