All operations are performed by voice control so that people with poor eyesight are able to manage their spending easily.

What it does

This is a vocal expenditure management app designed for people with poor eyesight. In this app, we can record expenditures and analysis spendings according to the type of each expenditure.

How we built it

We used a speech to text API and a text to speech API on Android Studio to record user spendings and give feedbacks respectively. And SQLite is the database we used for recording.

Challenges we ran into

Since it's our first time to build an Android APP, so the setting up the working environment is quite struggling for us, as well as being familiar with some Android syntax. And the microphone setting on the Android Studio Emulator is not supported yet, so testing our speech features annoying us. But with the help of one kindly mentor's phone, we test it out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of this app since it is our first cell phone application and it is controlled by speech.

What we learned

We gained experience with Android Studio programming as well as using speech APIs to recognize the sentence user speaks and do the corresponding functions.

What's next for Whisperer

Firstly, we have the chance to improve our APP UI to make it more attractive to users. Secondly, we plan to add authentication to this APP so each user's spending is more private and deploy the database so it will consume less phone storage. Thirdly, we are also thinking to add a new page that will show more detailed reports, for example, a bar chart shows monthly expenditures and also read reports out. Lastly, more recognizable sentences could be recorded to achieve more functionalities.

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