iBeacon made easy

Companies seeking to integrate iBeacon into their retail workflow are currently left with one option: they must install iBeacons in their stores, and develop an application to allow users to interact with the beacons.

We provide a single, easy to use service that allows for retailers to set up iBeacons in their stores and easily define content delivery rules based on the user's location relative to the iBeacons.

Cool hardware we built

As a way to demonstrate the capabilities of this system, we developed a parametric speaker, (a speaker that carries an audible sound signal over an inaudible ultrasonic beam of sound by exploiting certain non linear response characteristics of air), essentially an audio spotlight. We intended to use this by trilaterating the user's location based on iBeacon data, and using a servo to aim the speaker, and hence beam of sound, at them.

Though we did get the speaker built and working, some silicon unfortunately blew out this morning, and the speaker is no longer functional.

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