Gfycat's content is enticing, but how could we make it addictive, like Tinder or Facebook?

What it does

Swipe left/right on each Gfycat, and win points as you interact by browsing, uploading, or sharing. Get more points to win badges, and collect the jiffiest gifs_!

How we built it

Our web-app is built on Python-Flask, with helper methods that use Gfycat's API to interact with the platform. On the front end, JS AJAX calls interact with our Flask app.

Challenges we ran into

We came up with this after dinner; time was our greatest obstacle!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Try it; it is so addictive.

What we learned

Gifs don't behave normally on iOS!

What's next for Whiskers

We're optimizing the web-app's performance, and adding features to make this a complete Gfycat browsing experience.

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