March Madness and MSU going to the elite eight and Whirlpool having a nifty api to give a main appliance a creative feature

How it works

The user must provide the URL from espn through clicking on the box score. Once inputted the program will run and send real time updates of the score to the dryer 8 bit display to display the score. The score is scraped every 3 seconds to look for any changes and thus update the score.

Challenges I ran into

It's extremely hard to find a real time sports data api, and most require extremely expensive accounts. So after trying to use a free one which wasn't actually real time(updated every 15 minutes), we switched to web scraping

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to dive deep into JSON objects through our failed use of the sports data API, and writing the full program that implemented multiple libraries and

What I learned

I learned how to web scrape extensively and use an api and use a strong object oriented approach

What's next for Whirlpool Real Time Sports Display on Dryers

Adding in the ability to scrape for any game through a front end and adding the MSU fight song to play every time we score

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