We thought of this when Jon's mom mentioned we should pay for gas in the car

How it works

The data is stored in a SQL Server table. Entity Framework is used to manage the data. Breeze pulls data from the controller and provides a client-side interface for Entity Framework. Durandal provides navigation between pages. Knockout provides data-binding between html and javascript. Bootstrap provides styling. Google-directions API provides the statistics and directions for the car-pooling trip.

Challenges I ran into

Nuget dependencies were breaking the Hot Towel package and specific versions had to be manually installed. Windows 8 updated and provided a 30 minute delay. Sql server took about 45 minutes to install and set up, during which Visual Studio wasn't working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting everything set up and working together in time.

What I learned

Install SQL Server beforehand to prevent large delays.

What's next for WhipFinder

Support multiple riders, show all matched carpools for a specific user, authenticate based on email password combo, support over internet

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