Students spend hours getting their resumes ready and then application portals ask them to rewrite it all on their terribly designed webform. Worst of all, autofill does not work! Making it a very tedious manual effort. So we designed a site that goes around this, and let's our users automatically apply to as many relevant job postings as possible. We initially planned our app to programmatically generate a Resume and Cover Letter based on the job description and the user's skill set.

What it does

Instead of going to every single website to apply, you list all the jobs you want by entering their addresses or by selecting the jobs we think match you. Then, you simply enter your information once and our website will handle all those applications and get back to you with their statuses!

How I built it

Our web app was built using React and on a Redux app hosted on Firebase. We used Firebase functions, database, storage and authentication. We used UI-Path (the automation application) to automatically fill out the forms based on the users preferences. We used a Windows server to run our UiPath application on the Google Cloud Platform, we also set up a flask server on the VM to be ready to take inputs.

Challenges I ran into

The UI-Path application does not have the functionality to run tasks based on external inputs, and to dynamically generate applications, we had to do some complicated powershell scripting and save all our our input as files that the ui-path would open.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Anyone can access the site and apply now! The whole site is connected to firebase and all users have their own storage and accounts immediately when logging into the platform.

What I learned

It was our first times using redux and firebase and we covered almost all firebase functionality and implemented all of our website functions in redux so we ended up learning quite a bit. Shoutout to FreeCodeCamp!

What's next for While(1);

Get our summer internships through this. If we use our own application enough times, then there's no limit to how many rejections you can get!

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