Imagine. You are out exploring the wilderness when suddenly you hear a noise in the distance. You quickly turn around to see a large harry humanoid creature come bounding out of the forest! You knew it! The sasquatch was real! You quickly pull out your phone to snap a photo but you only manage to get a blur of the elusive beast. You show the picture to your friends but surprisingly you are met with mockery. You are furious! You knew you are right but you had no way to prove yourself! If only there was a way...

What it does

No longer will you live in doubt of what is around you. With Which Wolf, you are able to take a photo and quickly identify a type of animal and pull relevant data which would then be dictated. Its main purpose is to allow younger children who are not capable of reading to easily take a picture of an interesting animal around them and be entertained. This is mainly a learning tool for young audiences but is also helpful for flora and fauna enthusiasts.

How I built it

Our team used an Android application to take pictures. This picture would then be uploaded to our server for later use. Then, using the Wolfram Cloud API, we would use those photos and run them against their image search algorithm. Wolfram would then send back relevant information back to the Android app via json.

Challenges I ran into

We couldn't authenticate ourselves in the anime server provided to our very accommodating sponsors :(. Couldn't directly send an image to Wolfram Cloud, had to take a back-route.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned how to make an android app in one day and we got the anime server running :).

What I learned

Backend really toasted me in the backend

What's next for Which Wolf

Animals are only the beginning for Which Wolf. We plan to expand into everyday objects such as identifying types of cars to different types of drinks. One day, you could walk into an Ikea and correctly identify a POANG from a EKTOROP. The possibilities are endless. Papa Bless.

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