Inspiration -

There has been a lot of chaos due to the spread of Covid-19 . Everywhere around the globe is discussing the negative impacts of the Covid -19 , how to overcome the spread of Covid-19 and how to develop the vaccine to cure them. Therefore I decided to discuss the positive impacts of the Covid-19 , so that people can also know the optimistic side of the Covid-19.

How I built it -

For building this project , I have used HTML , C , C++ , Javascript , etc to build this front-end blog web page . I also used various hardware to design this blog so that it is presentable and visible. My old knowledge about the C, C++, etc. give experience to work in blog as front-end. So I can say that the knowledge and information never goes waste .

Challenges I ran into -

It took time to collect right and effective information about the Covid-19 . I also had difficulty in inserting images in thumbnail and image gallery , to be correct and precise images through Javascript . And the information available is not good as other relevant data are not given such as their geographical location , travel history , current stage of the country , etc .

What I learned -

Through the research , I myself learned various new , innovative facts about the Covid-19 , but stiil is not enough and that can be because of the incomplete data or information.

What is the constructive impact of the Covid-19....!!

There are so many negative impacts of the Covid-19 but also it has constructive impact on the environment and ecosystem. There are positive impacts of the Covid -19 are the following-

  • Helps you Build Genuine Relationships -

We all have been so busy living the ‘life,’ many of us have lost those real, genuine moments we have with our loved ones. It could have been the busy schedules, running around to make ends meet, & rushing to be in urgent meetings. Now, with this quarantine, you get to spend your time with your family and plan your work better. Reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. We as a community are fighting this battle against this pandemic. It has made us care about how our family or colleagues and roommates are doing and we have found ways to stay connected to them.

  • Entire Lifestyle Changes to Practice Better Hygiene-

Times have changed, and people are now aware of how important it is to keep yourself clean. As social animals, humans are wired to be connected with each other. That’s not going to change, and that’s something we cannot change. But these recent times have made us all aware of how to do that more hygienically. From shaking hands to namaste, we all have had a lifestyle change for the good. We’re going to remember to cover your mouths when we cough, to sanitize our hands after touching anything else because we know what can happen when we don’t.

  • Innovations to Stay Connected & Help Each Other-

This quarantine welcomes ideas, hacks, tips, & tricks to beat these lockdowns & help our communities. Companies across the world have started thinking about coming up with product & service ranges that enable you to be as connected as you are with your teams and also your loved ones. Finding creative ways to not let the boredom of four walls get you is the newest trend and rightfully so!!

  • Environment and Ecosystem-

Pollution generally air pollution suddenly decrease and air quality index is also better as compared earlier. And global warming is also decrease gradually . Due to the less no of the vehicle , fossil fuels is effectively less consumed so there will be less noise pollution and air pollution. Sky and stars are more clear as compared to earlier days , sky becomes more clear and stars are more visible and clear. Environment is becoming more and more sustainable and lifesaving.

Also it has various positive impacts on the environment and for the betterment of the mankind......!!!

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