BuzzFeed is a pervasive, addictive, clickbait site that wastes the time of millions with silly articles and quizzes. Despite it's frivolous content, it is a household name and an effective product placement tool. We wanted to create a simple phone game, "What Padre's Player are You" to involve the fanbase with a quiz that may inspire them to learn more about a player. While it may seem silly, this may lead to the user subliminally identifying with a specific player more.

What it does

This app uses a series of simple questions to match the user with a player.

How we built it

The user interface was designed in balsamiq cloud, the quiz set up was built using C, and the data was downloaded as an XLS file, cleaned, and imported to R for manipulation and complied as an HTML file.

Challenges we ran into

We have zero experience working with user interface, python, or API's

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we put together a coherent idea and project given that all of our team members are novice programers with no experience at all in most languages

What we learned

We learned a lot today and about user interfaces, particularly balsamiq cloud, we also learned about project management.

What's next for "Which Padre's Player are You?"

Adding more teams and adding more questions, and most importantly crossing platforms to combine the different facets of this project.

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