This project came to my mind in order to improve the experience seen in all the Instagram filters where everything is random. With that being said, I wanted to really know which dog is the one that is most similar to me. Yeah, it's random. I know.

What it does

From an image (image path or image URL), it returns the most similar dog given the Standford Dogs dataset. Simple and beautiful.

How I built it

Using Python 3.7, Tensorflow, NMSLIB, NumPy and Pillow, it builds a similarity index where I extract the features of the input image versus the built index and get the closest one.

Challenges I ran into

To be honest, I wanted to do another project (completely different from this one) in this hackathon (HackFromHome Round 2) but I got stuck after several hours and realized that was impossible. Yeah, what a pity.

That's why I decided to move to this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building this random thing in less than 3 hours.

What's next for Which dog are you?

A lot of things, like a beautiful UI and getting this deployed somewhere.

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