This is the next big viral hype for all individuals that have fun by using "who old are you?" last year. Let's turn the way of advertising awareness. Be the origin and not a "passive" consumer.

What it does

Take a photo of yourself or something and "Which ad are you?" will do the magic. Our Application will detect the emotions on your photo and show related advertises, songs or tweets. You are able to buy some products, put it on your whishlist or start a new viral hype by sharing it. Try it out and have fun!!

How We built it

We've collected ideas and put it on the board and started coding.

Foo Bar

Challenges We ran into

As the theme is quite challenging, we did a lot of brainstorming and discussion before we started coding. We tried to find a new view on the topic and get a definition of what advertising means for us, and this was really harder work than the actual coding. As some of us had little expierence with the technologies we used we also decided to step outside our comfort zones and try something awesome.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Drank a lot of Red Bull and still be able to fall asleep ;) We've integrated a lot of APIs and it goes really well, so I'm happy everthing went this smooth. We also were able to add a lot of UI sugar and fancy animations, we've designed a great logo and had a lot of fun. If you consider this as a team building event, then this is one of the greatest experience ever.

What We've learned

We've learned that binary uploading images from the backend and resizing on the client side before the upload is not easy. We had also some trouble with using an existing UI-Framework, maybe using plain CSS for this kind of project would have saved us some time.

What's next for our Application

  • new way of digital signage via interactive scoreboard
  • machine learning
  • tagging taken photos via image recognition and enrich user profile data
  • visualize experience for advertiser
  • test your add before starting an expensive media campaign
  • collect emotion data including changes
  • ...

Used APIs

  • Tealium
  • zanox
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Project Oxford Emotion API


  • Tealium
  • zanox
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • ... Red Bull challenge



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