We hope to compete for the Qualtrics prize, Duolingo social impact prize and APT social impact prize.


It has been raining and snowing in Pittsburgh all the time for the past month, which made us naturally curious about how it is like outside of this rainy town.

What it does

It dynamically shows the precipitation of each states, moderately tests students' geographical understanding.

How we built it

Since all of us are new python learners, the tools available for us are pretty limited. We chose python and tkinter and some libraries to complete our project. Our project is mainly divided into 4 parts, dynamic graph, GUI, geography quiz, and precipitation data, which was finished by our four group members and put together (throughout the night. And morning. AND AFTERNOON :).

Challenges we ran into

When Wenxin and Crystal was trying to combine Wenxin's quiz into the GUI, they encountered difficulty making the quiz pop up randomly. And for graph, Jiatian had to accurately pinpoint the position of each state, which consumes a lot of time. For Blair, she has never worked with urllib library before and somehow it just does not return to her what she expects to parse out from the website, for 3 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's good teamwork; as our first time haackthon, we are proud that we have a complete and to some extent useful project to present.

What we learned

Idea is the big part of a project. The goal can be reached even if the path is not clear.

What's next for WHETHER WEATHER

We are going to perfect it, by importing into it an actual map and combining it with probably some 3D graph.

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