You haven't seen your friends in real life for a long, long time. Now that COVID restrictions are loosening, you decide that it's a perfect time for the squad to hang out again. You don't care where you'll all be meeting up; you just want a chance to speak with them in-person. Let whereyouapp decide where your next meetup location should be.

What it does

WhereYouApp allows you to create Hangouts and invite your friends to them. All invitees can mark dates where they're unavailable, and then vote on a hangout location. A list of hangout locations are automatically generated based on proximity to all invitees as well as when they are open. Once votes are finalized, it generates a travel plan for all of your friends, allowing for options such as carpooling.

How we built it

NestJS for the backend, storing information on CockroachDB. OpenStreetMap for geographic-related calculations. SolidJS for the frontend, displaying the map information with Leaflet.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for WhereYouApp

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