Ever faced situations where you are consistently travelling further than your friends for a meetup? Fret not, as WhereToMeetBot aims to establish equality for all friends! Our main inspiration was that we found it difficult to meet up with friends and settle on a convenient location.

What it does

WheretoMeet is a telegram bot that allows you to find the top 3 most convenient locations (either Mall or MRT) for you and your friends to meet up. Using a minimax algorithm, WheretoMeet will ensure that the meetup location is not too far for any person as it tries to minimize the maximum distance for each person.

How we built it

We wrote the bot using python and the telegram API. Data processing of the list of shopping malls and MRT stations were done using CSV files and the pandas python library.

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenges we faced was the absence of an existing database of shopping malls longitude and latitude in Singapore. As a result, we had to construct and build our own database.

Built With

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