As UCSD students, we are familiar with posts that people make on either ucsd free and for sale or the rideshare group pages on Facebook indicating whether they are selling or buying a ride. But posts do get lost on Facebook after a lot of posts are generated, especially when the long weekend or break is approaching and everyone is trying to carpool home. At times like this, finding a match for you may be difficult, regardless of whether you are the driver or the passenger. Our app solves this problem by providing a platform for ucsd students to have an easier time buying or selling a ride. The app lets you choose if you are a driver or a passenger to filter out the searches, and options to look through existing posts or create a post. There will also be an option to message your potential passenger or driver to communicate/negotiate location and space available for bag space. Transactions will be done through Venmo as Venmo’s security and liabilities insurance protects against a majority of theft. In addition, Venmo is an app that is frequently used by college students for making transactions with one another. Our goal is to provide an easy and clean user interface for ucsd students to sell or buy a ride whether it is to LA, the bay area, or just a trip to downtown for a concert.

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