Wheres The Robot?

How an inside joke turned into a hackathon project

What is Where's the Robot?

Where's the Robot is a website for FRC students, mentors, and alumni to locate other teams across the country (and perhaps the world?).

The Story

Once upon a time there was an FRC team known as Team #1076, the Pi Hi Samurai. When FIRST's 2015 competition, Recycle Rush, was announced, this team was excited to finally prove themselves as hard-working and competitive. Come Week 6, however, they did not have a working robot. One aspiring student took it upon himself to craft an image of another student with the Impact Font caption, "Where's the Robot/It's Week 6." Thus was born a new meme. This meme was plastered everywhere around the walls of the Samurai build room, and became slightly famous within the high school that 1076 was based in. Eventually, another student on the team graduated and went to Carnegie Mellon for college. Once there, she told this tale to a fellow FRC alum. Both had a sudden epiphany: hey, this might actually be a good idea for a website! Soon after, "Where's the Robot" was born.

What can Where's the Robot do?

We have a form embedded in the website where you can input your team’s information. Your team’s pin should immediately pop up on the map! You can click on pins to see what other teams have input into our website. Fun facts: The “It’s week __!” at the top of the page is actually a counter that counts the number of weeks it’s been since Kickoff 2015!

How does it work?

Where’s the Robot is a static webpage written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We make use of quite a few Google APIs, including the Google Maps API, the Google Geocoding API, Google Sheets API, and Google Forms. We used a Bootstrap template for the main page.

Do we love memes?

Yes, we do.

Find your robot with Where's the Robot!

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