I were offered a .co domain name. was taken. This was the next best thing.

Also I wanted to play with CSS3 transformations.

What does it do?

Type in any food item you can think of, and the web application will find you the nearest restaurant/hot dog stand/shack that serves it.

To make it interesting, you are not given a map. Instead, you are given an arrow pointing in the direction of the food, and how far away it is. Who knows what you may stumble upon on the way? (Also it'll preemptively burn some calories before you scarf down 10 tacos.)

How I built it

Pretty standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript application. Data is acquired using Google's JavaScript library. Animations are done using CSS3 and jQuery.

Challenges I ran into

Google Places API refused to accept my AJAX requests.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It actually looks pretty good.

What I learned

Nearest Taco Bell is 2km away.

What's next for whereismytaco

Leaderboards. People who actually use this to direct themselves to restaurants deserve the recognition for their brave quest. Distances will be recorded and users will be ranked based on how far they went. Maybe given ranks too (Nutella Novice, Captain Crunch, Kung-Pow Master, etc.).

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