Geography quizzing skill for Amazon Alexa


WhereInTheWorld is an Alexa skill that is compatible with the following devices: Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Tap. You can enable the skill either on the Alexa app (available on both iOS and Android app stores) or on the Alexa Skills store website.

## Alexa app
1. On the left panel, tap on 'Skills'.
2. In the search bar, type 'WhereInTheWorld'.
3. Tap 'Enable Skill'.

## Online
1. Navigate to https://www.amazon.com/skills.
2. In the search bar, type 'WhereInTheWorld'.
3. Under 'Get This Skill', click on the Enable button.


Love geography? Fascinated by cool new trivia? Interested in learning about new places around the world? WhereInTheWorld is the perfect skill for you! WhereInTheWorld is a geography quizzing trivia game for Amazon Alexa. With questions ranging from simple capital cities and country names to identifying which country a language is spoken in, this skill is ideal to learn more about the world we live in. This educational trivia game is filled with cool facts and knowledge - anyone can play, anyone can learn!

If you're interested in what goes on behind the scenes: WhereInTheWorld Amazon Alexa skill is run over the cloud, and connects to users through the Alexa Skills Kit framework, which holds an Interaction Model containing the 'intents', which map to some action to be executed by Alexa according to a user's request. Through the Amazon Web Services Lambda serverless computing module, the inputs received from what the user says can be processed by my application (for example, determining the validity of an answer), and sending back the appropriate response. The skill was built with Javascript in the Node.js runtime environment.


How do I start a new game?

If you've already enabled the skill on your device, you can simply ask Alexa to launch or play WhereInTheWorld.

What if I got distracted and didn't hear the last question?

To repeat the last question, say 'repeat'.

What resources can I use to develop an Amazon skill of my own?

Resources I used to develop WhereInTheWorld:

I've found a bug in the game or in one of the questions. How can I get it fixed?

Submit any issues to https://github.com/AmaJC/WhereInTheWorld/issues. If you have any interesting ideas for new features, or cool trivia questions that you'd like me to include in the game, feel free to shoot me an email at jcdy@berkeley.edu!

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