I have a deep sense of responsibility to help people. I also have a deep connection with humanity. With the current pandemic upon us, people dying, support needed, and more to come, with businesses struggling, and people in need of a solution. Challenges in health, vulnerable populations, businesses, community, education, entertainment and other areas, I know that this project will serve the world and solve those challenges.

What it does

  • The marketplace provides a way for people to access opportunity through the use of technologies from global providers.
  • They can easily buy and sell online.
  • They can easily list services for use by others.
  • Volunteers can advertise and share their samaritan activities.
  • Messages to loved ones who have passed will remain.
  • Medical partners, manufacturers and suppliers can connect with local neighbourhoods to provide support.
  • Entertainment can be easily accessed by searching and simply clicking from the available listing specific to the pandemic.
  • Vulnerable people can be reached, supported and helped.
  • This can be done in any language. As all popular web browsers are able to translate 95% of the content by default.
  • Everything can be shared on social media.

How I built it

I built the project using JavaScript. React as a front-end framework. Netlify to provide hosting and serverless features. Auth0 for authentification, seamless logins and API security. PayPal as the global network payment provider. Postgres as a database solution. Google Analytics to track engagement and measurement. Hubspot as a CRM. And with a lot of effort, determination and patience.

Challenges I ran into

I initially had no funding. There is only one team member. Managing the whole project by myself. Making it cost-effective. Reducing operational overhead. And researching and learning whilst building the marketplace.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is ready to be used. It can solve a global problem. Learning new things, overcoming the challenges. And the sheer brilliance of the idea.

What I learned

I've learnt that making a difference comes with its struggles. That you can get a lot done in a day, be productive and have a family if you try.

That the UN sustainability goals not only measure but produce benefit for the world in its totality.

That this pandemic in a very sad way is calling people like myself into action.

What's next for

  • Change the domain name to, to better serve the purpose of the website
  • Tackle more problems in the world
  • Discover more innovative technologies that will benefit the users
  • Create more features
  • Build the team through hackathons
  • Update the marketplace as the state of Covid19 pandemic changes
  • Setup charity donations/pages
  • Advertise local businesses and services
  • Action UN sustainability goals through awareness and personalised messaging to viewers

But for now, I solely want to address the problems of the pandemic that are affecting the world, the people, our communities, businesses and governments.

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posted an update

I got up early and updated parts of the consumer website I also worked on the dashboard that organisations, local authorities, service providers, business owners and individuals will use.

Just about to get some sleep. But I think I need to change the name of the consumer-facing website to And the dashboard to

So I'll update DNS records, HTML page meta-data, social sharing imagery, legal web pages, and some HTML page content tomorrow morning.

I plan on spending part of the day reaching out to hackathon participants and getting their projects listed on the

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