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This project was inspired by the CodeforCorona hackathon. With many countries are having a lockdown, Singapore is no exception. Citizens are discouraged from going out, making food delivery systems a necessity.

What it does

In Singapore, we have a few delivery platforms such as GrabFood, Deliveroo, FoodPanda etc. However, it is often time-consuming to try to find the best deals and value-for-money food options when manually comparing between the different platforms. Furthermore, due to the high demand for food delivery service, many stores choose not to take any more orders. Imagine having to scrolll through a whole list of stores and find the food that you want to order, only to find out that they are not taking any orders at the moment. Frustrating, right?

That is why we created WhereCanEat!, a platform that collates all the available stores across the various food delivery apps, with one simple click.

How We Built It

We had two team members working on building a visually pleasing and user-friendly front-end website, while the third member was tasked to build the back-end system for scraping deals and menus from the various apps. The front-end website will request for the list of food and stores available in the user's location upon request.


The biggest challenge is that all the members live in different places and are forced to work separately. This makes collaboration and compromising significantly more challenging. Fortunately, with version control tools like GitHub and collaborative software like Google Docs, we were able to facilitate our workflow quite smoothly.

What's next for WhereCanEat

The next big milestone we are trying to achieve is to set up a payment gateway inside WhereCanEat!, so that users can directly order their meals without having to leave our website.

Secondly, as many restaurants and stalls still have their own delivery system (eg. Dominos, Pizza Hut) , we hope to incorporate these restaurants in the future for better comparison as well as more variety.

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