The main inspiration behind this effect was popular randomizer effects and AR maps that already exist on different platforms

What it does

I wanted to build a World AR effect in Spark AR Studio using a still very popular Randomizer mechanic. To use this effect you need to switch to your back camera and record a video to reveal your destination.

How I built it

It was pretty easy to built this effect thanks to Spark AR Studio’s built-in templates and free assets. As a base I used World Object template. I’ve changed couple of things, than I added the map overlay that I’ve created in Photoshop.To make my AR map more interesting and fun I’ve used the sound effects and 3D models which you can find in the AR Library in Spark AR Studio. To build the randomizer mechanic I’ve used Patch editor which is really simple and after some time you can build even more complex effects using it.

Challenges I ran into

While creating this effect I found that I have to push the effect to my device each time when I need to test "record to reveal" feature, I wish I could test it inside Spark AR simulator.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first time creating World AR + Randomier effect. It is also my first time showing it on Facebook Hackathon :)

What I learned

I learned more about Patch editor ("Round" patch is underrated)

What's next for Where To Go In Paris – Spark AR World Effect

To learn more about it: GitHub Repository: Try it on IG:

In future I want to extend this idea, add more places, reduсe the size of the effect.

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