I'm pretty indecisive about choosing where I want to eat when I go out with friends, which is why I decided to make an app that decides for me!

What it does

It randomly chooses a restaurant near me, and pulls up it's name, address, and rating, as well a link to call an Uber to the restaurant.

How I built it

I used Google's places API to search for restaurants near me, and used a random number generator to randomly choose one of the search results. I then displayed these results on the page. I also used Uber's API to create a button to call an Uber.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to figure out how to use both Google's and Uber's API was challenging and took me the most amount of time. I also had some trouble figuring out what format Google returned information to me in when I requested information, and how to parse and display it.

What I learned

I learned a lot about using APIs (Google Places and Uber) and the importance of clear and updated information in these APIs. I also learned how to write code to send requests so that I could use the Uber API, as well as how to use web development tools that I had never seen before (for example: nodemon).

What's next for Where To Eat?!

There are lots of improvements to be made! I was thinking about adding a login, and an "Events" page that allows the user to create an event and add their friends. The user can choose a number, and the site will randomly generate that number of possible restaurants, and allow their friends to vote on where they want to go.


A big thank you to Dawson Botsford and Paul Klein for helping with some of the technical challenges I ran into.

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