With dozens of different property management sites listed on OSU's student housing page, we decided that it should be easier to find a rental in Corvallis.

What it does

We wrote a series of python scripts that scrape the websites of the dozens of individual property management companies in Corvallis for their listings information, and built a single-page web application to display those listings all in the same place. The application allows for extensive filtering of the listings, and links to each listing on the property management company's own site as well.

How we built it

The web scrapers are built using Selenium and ChromeDriver, and the application itself is based on the MERN stack.

Challenges we ran into

• Google Maps API Marker Data • A number of un-scrapable listings sites • Automating running Python scripts on a regular basis to update our listing DB

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Getting this done • Learning a lot of new tools • Following a set schedule and meeting deadlines

What's next for Where The Heck

• Authorization (User Accounts for saving listings, preferences, etc.) • Implement dynamic pin drops • Continue to polish the UI • Possible deployment

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