As a Windows Phone user for nearly 3 years, I've noticed that Windows Phone doesn't currently share the amount of vital apps that iOS and Android users enjoy. I became inspired to know that by becoming a Windows Phone Developer, I can assist in bringing SnapChat, TeamSpeak, Discord, and other application Windows Phone users are dying to have.

What it does

There's a button that changes a String's content from " " to "Hello World" underneath the button.

How I built it

XMAL is similar to XML when I designed very basic tutorial applications on Android, so defining a Button object and giving it attributes seemed second nature. With a small grasp of C#, I managed to change the String's content with the Button's Click Method.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was setting up my Nokia Lumia 920 for development. While I was used to Android's quick plug-and-development, I had to figure out certain reasons why my Nokia Lumia 920 wasn't being detected by the registration tool while the computer had immediately recognized it as Windows Phone.

Another challenge I ran into was setting up Visual Studio to show the designer while errors were occuring before development even started.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fixing Visual Studio and successfully executing my small test program on my Nokia Lumia 920.

What I learned

IpOverUsbSvc.exe is a rather important service.

What's next for Where's the Love for Windows Phone?

Now that I've learned that developing on Windows Phone is completely possible, continually development upon the Windows Phone will increase my portfolio enough to start going to Android/iOS developers and say "I'm willing to port your application to Windows Phone."

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