Always looking for places to eat

What it does

Randomly generates food in area


The challenges we encountered along the way included setting up the front end and the backend servers and making sure that they could work together without any bugs. We also had to make sure to use the correct syntax since the majority of our team has never used React or Flask before. We also encountered issues with taking in parameters in the URL, but we were able to figure that our after some debugging.

How it was built

We first started off by individually building the front-end server with React and the back-end server with Flask. Then we tested the functionality of both servers to make sure that they could work on their own. Then we began taking parameters within the URL and converting them to information before returning a dictionary using the YelpAPI. This Yelp API was used to produce the dictionary that would be formatted by the front-end team. After formatting data and working on connecting front-end to back-end, we began designing the website so that it looked good. We used CSS and HTML to format the information in a fun and exciting way

Future of WTF

We would like to add more functionality such as giving the user the choice of criteria (cuisine, range, price).

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