Commercials do a great job of using clever catchphrases to help us remember the products they want us to consider buying, however the problem with such commercials is that the catchphrase may only stick with us for the duration of the commercial and then we may stop thinking about it until something is triggered in our memory or we hear the catchphrase again.

One of my favorite catchphrases from the 80s comes from the Wendy's commercial where Clara Peller is recklessly driving around town and snarling "where's the beef?" in the drive-thru. After being recently reminded of this catchphrase from a new Wendy's campaign shown on YouTube, I wanted to bring back that memorable "Where's the beef?" catchphrase every time I passed by a Wendy's.

What it does

Where's the Beef? not only tells you where there are nearby Wendy's restaurants to visit, it also plays that memorable catchphrase uttered by Clara Peller every time you're within 150m of a Wendy's restaurant.

How I built it

The app was built for iOS using the Yelp API to fetch Wendy's restaurants nearby and place 150m radius geofences around those restaurants so when the user enters the geofence, the catchphrase is played through the phone.

Challenges I ran into

Ideally I wanted the sound to be played when they drove through the drive-thru but without iBeacons, the best I could do is set up very small geofences around Wendy's locations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time using geofencing and now I see how powerful they can be.

What I learned

How to use the Yelp API and geofences.

What's next for Where's The Beef?

I plan on submitting this app to the AppStore and hope people who download it find joy in hearing the catchphrase when they pass Wendy's restaurants. Moving forward, this concept could be applied to any restaurant which wants to use an audio track to help indecisive customers decide where they want to eat.

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