Losing stuff around the house and wasting time looking for it sucks. We wanted to find a solution for that.

What it does

Asking the google home where an item is (EX Basketball) will start the searching process. Using Google Vision API to detect objects, our software will look through all connected cameras throughout your house and find what you lost!

How we built it

Using Voiceflow to create custom google home commands, we connected our cameras, Google Vision API and Firebase database together with the REST API. Voiceflow sends the commands spoken by the user to Firebase which begins the item searching process

Challenges we ran into

-Connecting Voiceflow to Firebase was a chore

-Bug with Voiceflow causing Google Home to repeat phrases

-Various Google Home connection sabotage

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing with a product we are happy with

What we learned

-Lots about Google Homes and the problems they have

-All about Voiceflow and how cool it is

-Learned lots about Google vision API and how it works

What's next for Where's My Stuff

-Faster response times from Google Home

-Google Home runs more smoothly

-accept more input phrases

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