My Friend, Ian, was asked for an important document for his Tax related details. And guess what! He had forgotten in which email account he had received it. He then had to login to each and every mail box he has and search manually…! How convenient it would had been for him if he had a Search Engine Like Google™ for his Multiple Email Accounts!

Isn't this something common which we encounter in our daily life? We have multiple email accounts and we tend to forget which account may have an email correspondence/attachment which we might be important to us some day. And that some day, we will start frantically searching for it in each of the mail box!

And so, to make it convenient to search across 1 or many mail boxes, Where’s My Mail is at your rescue!

What it does

Where's My Mail is Your Personal Email Aggregator Search Engine!

It comes with an Intelligent Search which can:

  • Search across Email Accounts for Subject, Recipients, From, CC, Contacts and File Attachments
  • Just enter your Search Term and leave the rest to Where’s My Mail…!

It also has an Advanced Search:

  • You can select which entities to search for
  • Provide Date Filters
  • Select Targeted Email Accounts to search for

You only need to add Your Email Accounts, Authorize the App and then, Start Searching!

Other Features include:

  • Fetch Email Body directly From Application
  • Directly Download File Attachments from the Application
  • For a Contact, get a list of Emails Exchanged till date
  • Get Contact Statistics – How many Emails exchanged till date!
  • Voice Recognition based Search

How I built it

Where's My Mail is an Android Application which is powered by Context.IO APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Where's My Mail is one of the first few Android Apps available in the market which is powered by Context.IO. I am proud of the entire Context.IO Library that I have created for Android which can connect to multiple API endpoints like:

  • Account Creation / Deletion
  • Account Discovery
  • Source Creation / Deletion
  • Messages - List, Body
  • Contacts - List, Messages
  • Files - Content

I am also proud of the Search Engine which can effortlessly search across various Email entities like Messages, Contacts and Files, thanks to the super powerful Context.IO API.

What I learned

I learnt about the power of Context.IO APIs and how to integrate in an application. I also learnt about OAuth authentication and to implement it in Android. Moreover, this is my First Android App with Material Design and so a good learning experience in User Interface design.

What's next for Where's My Mail

To Integrate more Email Account Types which support OAuth authentication

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