We wanted to pick a theme that we thought young students would enjoy, so we decided a cute little mouse would be perfect. The name of our project was heavily inspired by the kids' book, 'Who Moved my Cheese?'.

What it does

'Where's My CheddAR?' is a simplistic AR learning system where kids input their commands in a way similar to Scratch in order to get the mouse to its cheese. In a classroom setting, there would be one "mouse" to program, and the students would have to work together to guide the mouse through the maze.

How we built it

The environment was built in Unity with the ARKit SDK. We're using Firebase as our database to hold the input commands, and a React app to push commands onto the stack.

Challenges we ran into

Dynamically reading the Firebase database, use of beta ARKit 1.5 in Unity took lots of troubleshooting, lighting in AR is very different from standard environments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to use a beta version of ARKit successfully, completing our main objectives for the project ahead of time, successfully linking a React app to a Unity game environment.

What we learned

It was our first time using ARKit so that was a lot of fun learning. React, Firebase Databases.

What's next for Where's My CheddAR?

We'd like to bring this project to actual classroom environments! This would promote STEM learning to promising young minds. But first, we would like to add more levels which cover a wider variety of programming concepts, allow for unique sessions in the database so that more than one instance of a maze can be modified at a time.

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