I love Chipotle, and whenever I am traveling, I like to know just how far away I am from my nearest burrito

How it works

Using Google's places and distance matrix APIs, and the location from your iPhone, Where's Chipotle calculates your mileage and approximate travel time to the nearest Chipotle. Makes use of the today notification center to give you easy access to this vital information

Challenges I ran into

Formatting the UI for all iPhone sizes was a pain, as I was just learning adaptive layout. Parsing was a joy, as always.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished this bad boy up in a matter of a few days. I felt like I was at my own hackathon within the confines of my room.

What I learned

lots and lots about iOS development, networking, iOS UX/UI development, Google APIS, and just how far away my house is from Chipotle (34.6 miles too far)

What's next for Where's Chipotle

possibly connecting the address of the chipotle to open up a set of Google directions. Maybe expanding it to other burrito joints such as Moe's and Qdoba (Posers)

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