We all just met each other this weekend through the Team Formation Slack channel/speed-dating. Our skill-sets and interests varied greatly, but we all wanted to work with a new technology - VR. Originally we wanted to build an exhibit of human organs; this later changed to a "Where's Waldo" game featuring our beloved Vice President, Joe Biden, and his favorite dessert. Our uncommon senses of humor allowed us to share lots of laughter and learning.

What it does

Where's Joe? is a VR game that allows the player to immerse themself in a three-level world and seek giant memes of Joe Biden and his ice cream. The accompanying web platform also offers the VR file for download and an opportunity to donate Bitcoins to the creators. Be an Uncommon explorer, treading where no one has tread before.

How we built it

VR Game:

  • Unity3D to create the environment
  • Maya and Sketchup to alter 3D models
  • C# scripts

  • HTML/CSS and JavaScript to build the platform
  • Blockchain and API for widgets

Challenges we ran into

We aimed to offer the VR game on our website to be downloaded through However, the PC used to build the game produced files untranslatable to Mac OS and made the program inaccessible outside the local system. We also wanted to incorporate Blockchain into the project and struggled to research feasible ideas before deciding to implement a widget to collect Bitcoin donations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud of being part of creating a VR world from bottom to top and using Oculus. We each individually learned new skills as well, whether it was working with Unity3D or deploying a website for the first time.

What we learned

  1. It's never too late to start learning how to code
  2. Ask for help when you need it. It's that simple.
  3. "You learned pretty much all of college freshmen CS" -Dev the Dev (mentor)
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