What Inspired me?

   More than 8 billion passengers use Indian Railways every year. But this huge crowd of passengers (including me) have a hard time in finding the location of the train. People tend to switch off the internet or GPS since its a long journey. Its my dream to solve many of the problems that are faced by these travelers. Some of them that I have in my road map are
   - Improving the Location of the train using Cell Tower location locally in Mobile.
   - Making a location based alarm that is battery efficient and really works.
   - Improving the safety of the passenger's belongings using Bluetooth Low Energy chips. (I have experimented with Qualcomm's Gimbal. It will be integrated soon into the app).
   - Linking Uber cabs and also other Food providers who serves on the train. Even Porter service + Uber will be a nice add on.

Who is the Target User?

    Indian Railways passengers are the target users. On an average,  a person takes around 8 trips in a year. So, its very easy to find the users. Even though, this app can be extended to other countries, India is the first and primary target. For example, Chennai Central alone has 4 lakh passengers a day.

What key features are you proud off?

  Broadly speaking, every minor detail has been given importance.
  Few notable features are projecting the cell tower location into the Linear track was a challenge. There is a separate testing platform created to test this using Google Maps Web UI and android mock location feature.
  Integrating the webhooks into the android wear was a challenge and the Uber API team was helpful in driving us.

About me

    I am working on Natural Language Understanding client like Siri for TV. Our solution has been deployed in major Cable TV operators. You can see a demo of the product where I played a key role in the natural language interpretation.
    [Demo Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jycxPVzE1H0)
    Android has been a hobby learning that I mastered over time out of my curiosity. I like to solve real world problems.

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