Inspiration We were really interested in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Entity Detection.

What it does We scrub news articles, process the locations from them via Stanford Natural Language Processing Entity Detection, then plot them on Google Maps via a NodeJS webserver.

How I built it Using NodeJS, Javascript, HTML, Java, Google Maps API, and Stanford Natural Language Processing.

Challenges Trying to learning Javascript, trying to read .txt files line by line in Javascript without using JSON (But ultimately changing to JSON because that is the correct way to do it), and getting banned from calling Google API requests to much in a short period of time with a large data set.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of Solving file reading using JSON in Javascript, coming up with creative and hacky ways of solving issues, and not giving up.

What I learned Javascript, NodeJS, Natural Language Processing, and Google Maps API.

What's next for Where in the World Clean up the website, webserver, code, and add more detailed data such as url, article data, news sources to site.

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