Did you know that Chemists make the most in Washington D.C. and the least in Montana? Did you know that California has the most Chefs—10,530 to choose from—or that Chiropractors in Alaska earn the most in the country? Despite the grim job market, some occupations continue to provide higher pay and a greater number of jobs, yet the availability and salary of those jobs depends greatly on your geographic area.  SymSoft Solutions’ application Where are the Jobs? allows users to interactively explore the salary and job statistics for various occupations at national, state and regional levels. Using the application, they can choose an occupation and explore the job market for that occupation, or they can start with a state or region and explore the top occupations within it. Where are the Jobs? provides context for the user by highlighting the geographic area, plotting the information on a graph for easy comparison and allowing the users to sort either by number of jobs or by salary. The application also provides information about the top industries providing employment in a given occupation. We believe that this ability to interactively explore employment scenarios across different occupations and geographical areas will assist young men and women who are trying to choose a career, unemployed people who are getting ready to retrain themselves in this weak economy, or citizens and business that are planning to relocate to a different part of the country. Where are the Jobs? Uses data provided by the US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2010.

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