Color is an unavoidable topic that touches the lives of everyone. The question 'Where are you from?' strikes a strange nerve in us that sparks another question, 'what do you mean?' Why should it matter what we look like, why should it matter what type of food we eat, or what holidays we celebrate? In the end we are all Americans.

We should embrace all the differences in each person and realize that those should not be the reason why we treat people differently.

What it does

'Where Am I From' is an interactive web application that includes a series of characters that ask the user to guess where they are from. The user has three tries per character to correctly guess which country they are from by clicking the respective location on a map. The quirk is they they are all from America!

How we built it

We coded with JavaScript and HTML5 based on Phaser, an HTML5 web framework engine, framework.

Also huge shoutout to Max Daum for basically being the reason why we could make this web app!

Challenges we ran into

As first time users of Phaser and first time programmers in Javascript, every step was definitely a challenge. We had a number of ideas we could not fully realize because we were not able to implement them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to collaborate through GitHub and how to use Phaser to create a game!

What we learned

Coming up with a "simple game" was far more complicated than we had hoped.

What's next for Where Am I From

Hopefully we can transition to iOS or Android or .NET so we can go mobile!

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