Every young lady has experienced the struggles associated with monthly menstruation. For some, they are embarrassed to ask questions and get more information about this touchy subject.


  • Do you feel comfortable talking about your period?
  • Are there questions about your menstruation that you want to ask but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask them?

What's My Period? Online addresses some of these concerns. It is a web application that helps young ladies gather more information about this touchy subject and to ask questions about it. It has a form built using HTML and CSS for ladies to ask questions privately about their menstruation.


For ladies like ourselves, we find it difficult sometimes to ask questions about subjects that we're embarrassed about. We know that others may feel the same way. One of those subjects is our monthly menstruation. Our goal was to create a web application that helps young girls and women learn more about their bodies - particularly menstruation! We hope that by sharing the information and resources they need, young girls and women will feel more confident with themselves and their bodies.

What it does

What's My Period? Online is a web application that is designed to give young ladies answers to their questions on monthly menstruation. It is designed to allow ladies to ask questions privately online.

How we built it

  • We used HTML and CSS languages with repl.it and Visual Studio Code environments to implement our website
  • We used GitHub, domain.com, and Netlify to post our work online

Challenges we ran into

  • Not using our time as wisely as we should have
  • Connecting GitHub to our domain
  • Connecting our domain to Netlify

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning a lot of things, such as integrating our GitHub site with Netlify
  • Finishing our project in time
  • Making connections with new people

What we learned

  • How to work together
  • How to use Figma to organize better
  • How to use and navigate GitHub better

What's next for What's My Period? Online

  • Developing an online period tracker
  • Developing an online chat room for girls to reach out to others struggling with menstruation issues

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