A simple program for importing a Meetup.com group into WhenHub.

WhenHub lets you transform time-ordered information such as a timeline or schedule into a beautiful, interactive, embeddable Whencast that entertains, educates, and provides chronological context.

It uses the whenhub gem to simplify communication with the WhenHub API.


You'll need API keys for both the WhenHub API, and the Meetup.com API.

Assign these to the WHENHUB_TOKEN and MEETUP_API_KEY environment variables, respectively. (You may save these in a .env file to take advantage of the dotenv gem if you wish.)

You can then invoke the program for a specific meetup group as:

$ bundle exec bin/whenup MEETUP_GROUP_URLNAME

where MEETUP_GROUP_URLNAME is the unique identifier of a Meetup.com group, as seen in the group's URL.

This will then create a new Schedule in your WhenHub account for the Meetup group, with an event for each of that group's events.


Created Schedule: 12341234123412341234 with 2 events.

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